Commercial Laundry

At Eagles we have high grade commercial equipment here to service all of your laundry needs. Our services are simple, just place a call and let us know an estimate of how much you need laundered, and we will work out a time to get your items back to you. We offer services that range from wash, dry, and fold, to stain treatments.

Our services are perfect for hotels and resorts, restaurants, gyms, retirement facilities, catering companies, etc. We have perfected our laundry processes to provide outstanding cleaning while extending textile life, resulting in a reputation for excellence and a program of proven results. Outsourcing linen services reduces cost therefore enhancing profitability. Unstable energy costs, rising fuel costs and labor issues are all areas that directly affect the cost effectiveness of operating your own laundry. By outsourcing your laundry, you can count on a guaranteed stable price as well as eliminating the uncertainties and worries of operating your own laundry on a daily basis.

Eagles Laundry Services' goal is to be the laundry solution for your facility needs. The scope of services are tailored to reflect your needs, and designed to save you money. Our laundry services brings a personalized, highly detailed level of attention to your business. Our goal has always been 100% customer satisfaction, which is easily achieved with our excellent quality and unmatched customer focused service that is second to none.